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We provide Adelaide Hills Council residents with a:

General waste is collected weekly and alternate fortnightly pick-ups are scheduled for recycling and green organics within the township areas. Check your collection calendar and map to find your collection days. Your bin collection may change if it falls on a catastrophic fire danger rating day – find out more about bin collection on fire warning days.

Missed bin day? Get in touch with us to arrange collection or report a problem.

East Waste collects hard rubbish for Adelaide Hills Council residents and each household is entitled to one free hard waste collection (up to two cubic metres, about the size of a standard trailer load) and one free mattress collection each year. Book your hard waste collection.

Waste management for the Adelaide Hills Council is managed as part of the Adelaide Hills Region Waste Management Authority (AHRWMA). The authority and East Waste are committed to meeting the goals and targets outlined within the State’s overall waste strategy and educating the regional community on responsible waste choices that enhance and maintain their environment.

East Waste takes the general waste collected from the Adelaide Hills Council area to the Brinkley Landfill – the AHRWMA develops and manages this site as an EPA compliant model regional landfill.

Find out more about East Waste’s commitment to the environment and our waste management and recycling processes.



Now available to residents from all member council areas.

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