Whilst we endeavor to pick up every bin, everytime, there are reasons why we may not be able to collect your bin(s). Please check the list of reasons below so that we can ensure that your bin is collected.
  • Obstructed by a parked car or other obstacles e.g. stobie pole, letterbox, tree etc. Please allow for 1 metre clearance between other bins and any obstacles.
  • Facing the wrong direction and/or not on the edge of the kerb. Please ensure the bin is facing towards the road, with wheels towards the house.
  • Overfull – lid must be closed.
  • Too heavy – if over 60kg, it will be too heavy to lift.
  • Materials too tightly packed and unable to be dislodged.
  • Contaminated with unacceptable materials – please refer to Food and Garden Organics (FOGO), Co-mingled Recycling and General Waste bin information pages for what can and cannot be placed in the bin.
  • Presented late for collection – please place bins out by 6:00am on the day of collection.
  • Damaged bin e.g. wheel or lid missing (Click here to report a damaged bin).
  • Not an authorised or additional bin