East Waste provide City of Unley residents with a:

General waste is collected weekly and alternate fortnightly pick-ups are scheduled for recycling and green organics. Check your collection calendar and map for collection dates. You can collect a copy of the waste collection calendar from the City of Unley’s Civic Centre, Civic Centre 181 Unley Rd, Unley,

Contact East Waste to report uncollected bins or enquire about collection areas and collection days. Your bin collection may change if it falls on a catastrophic fire danger rating day. Find out more about bin collection on fire warning days.

Kerbside Collection Map
Missed bin day?

Click here to report your missed bin collection.

East Waste also manages the delivery of new bins for new properties, additional bin requests and bin repair and replacement for the City of Unley. Contact us to organise this service for you.

If your property is being demolished, you are required to surrender your kerbside collection bins to Council. When the new property becomes occupied replacement bins will be provided, please contact East Waste email: east@eastwaste.com or phone: 8347 5111.

Does your bin need repairing?

Click here to fill in the online request form or call East Waste on 8347 5111.

Has your bin gone missing or been stolen?

 If a kerbside collection bin is missing from the front of your property after it has been placed there for collection, it should be reported as missing or lost.

Step 1. Report to the Police

You will need to report it to SAPOL via the Online Lost Property Reporting (OLPR), as Council require the OLPR number before a replacement bin is provided.

Step 2. Fill out the missing or stolen bin report

Click here to fill in and submit the online form.

Do you require a new bin service?

Click here to fill in and submit the online form.

Do you require an additional bin service?
Residential properties

If you own a residential property you are entitled to a kerbside bin collection service, including:

  • 1 x 140L General waste (blue bin),
  • 1 x 240L Recycling (yellow bin) and 
  • 1 x 240L Food and Garden Organics (green or grey bin).
Unit complexes

* Unit complexes are required to share the use of green organics bins.  However, if your unit complex does not have a sufficient number of green bins please contact Council’s Waste Management Officer on 8372 5111.

Applying for an additional bin(s)

If you wish for an additional bin, you can complete an application. There is a cost for all additional bins. The annual fee is set by Council and payable to East Waste. Service fees are published under Council’s Fees & Charges(PDF, 3MB).

Click here to fill in and submit the online application.
Click here to cancel or transfer an additional bin service.

Business, industrial and commercial premises

If you are an Individual business, industrial and commercial premises it is expected that each business will access commercial waste and recycling collection suppliers.

For further information regarding kerbside collection in relation to Business and Commercial properties please contact the Waste Management Officer on 8372 5111.

Hard waste made easy!

East Waste collect hard rubbish for City of Unley residents and each household is entitled to one free ‘at call’ hard waste collection per financial year (1 July – 30 June). The maximum amount that can be collected is two cubic metres 2m3. This equates (approx) to a standard 6ft x 4ft trailer load. Book your hard waste collection.

Mattress and ensemble base collections need to be booked separately to other hard rubbish items.  Book a mattress or ensemble collection.

Hazardous Waste

Click here for more information on disposing of hazardous materials safely and your nearest free Household Chemicals and Paint Drop-off centre.

Electronic waste recycling

Click here to locate your nearest drop-off location for electronic items i.e. anything with a battery or cord. Most electronic items are banned from landfill and should be recycled.

Kitchen Caddy & Compostable Bags

Results of the 2019 kerbside bin audit found that food waste still makes up half of all household waste. That equates to approximately 2.7kg per household per week.

These figures show that food waste in the landfill bin is still too high and we all have a part to play in reducing what we send to landfill.

One significant step is making it easier for households to separate more food waste from the weekly general waste bin by using a Kitchen caddy system.

Click here to learn about using a kitchen caddy system to easily divert food scraps and other compostable items from landfill and save space in your weekly blue bin.

Read the Food scraps in the kitchen caddy brochure(PDF, 1MB) for tips on using your kitchen caddy.

illustration showing food scraps being placed in green bin

The City of Unley and East Waste are committed to minimising waste to address climate change and the sustainable use of natural resources. The Kerbside Waste & Recycling Collection Service Policy details the services provided by the City of Unley, including waste-to-landfill, recycling and food and garden organics. This Policy supports The City of Unley’s committment to environmental stewardship through reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, encouraging resource recovery, reuse and recycling, as detailed in the “Community Plan 2033”. We are also working together to reach the goals and targets outlined within the State’s overall waste strategy.

Find out more about East Waste’s commitment to the environment and our waste management and recycling processes.