East Waste helps councils manage waste and recyclables in many different ways. We can provide a full range of services, ranging from weekly general waste collection and fortnightly organics and recyclable collections, to hard waste, litter collection and bin repair.

Each week we collect around 200,000 bins across our seven member council areas. Our 46 collection vehicles and customer service centre operate from our purpose-built depot in Ottoway.

Our aim is to provide all our member councils with an efficient, effective and value for money service. At East Waste we tailor our services differently to each council depending on their needs. We also have service level agreements in place with some councils that clearly outline our services and high performance targets. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service and monitor our performance and customer feedback in a range of ways. This includes logging of customer service calls and use of GPS tracking and RFID to track and monitor our collections.

The following services are currently delivered for our member councils:

Field Services
  • General waste collection (blue or red lidded bins)
    General waste is collected weekly for Adelaide Hills, City of Burnside, Campbelltown City Council, City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters, Town of Walkerville and City of Prospect. City of Mitcham collect and manage their own general waste collections.
  • Fortnightly recycling (yellow lidded bin) and food and garden/green organics (green lidded bin) collection
    Recycling is collected for all member councils which alternates with green organics collections. Green organics collections are collected in all township areas.
  • At call Hard Waste Service
    East Waste delivers an at call domestic hard waste collection service for each of our member councils. Please check your council page for your hard waste services details.
  • Street bin (litter) collection 
    Street litter bin services are carried out for Adelaide Hills Council, Campbelltown City Council, City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters as well as the Town of Walkerville.
  • MUD/Bulk Bin Collections
    A collection service can be arranged for any Council serviced residential apartments/multi-unit dwellings.
  • Bin repairs, maintenance and replacement
    As well as providing collection services, East Waste ensures the bin stock of each Council is maintained to a serviceable level by providing a prompt and responsive repair and replacement service. If your bin is damaged, vandalised or stolen please don’t hesitate to contact East Waste on 8347 5111 or click here and we will arrange a repair/replacement for you.
  • Depot Cardboard & Paper Recycling
    Collection of cardboard and paper for recycling from your Council depot can be arranged through us.
Procurement and Contract Management
  • Kitchen Caddy and Compostable Bags; Dog Poo Bags and Dispensers 
    East Waste can procure and distribute your Kitchen Caddy and compostable bags for you. Let us know what your preferences are eg. vented or non-vented caddies or biobaskets.
    Dog poo bags and dispensers can also provided through East Waste.
    By providing common products on behalf of several councils, economies of scale can be maximised.
  • Recyclables and Organics Contract Management
    As part of our Member Council offering East Waste holds and manages attractive contracts for the receipt and processing of recyclable and organics material .
Customer Service

Our customer service team manage all incoming enquiries from councils and residents in a professional and efficient manner. This includes hard waste bookings, missed bin collections, bin repairs and second bin permits.  All calls to our customer centre from councils or residents are logged and we use this information to measure and improve our services.

Innovation & Technology
  • GPS and RFID Tracking
    We constantly measure the effectiveness of our collection services through GPS tracking and kerbside audits, where we measure the percentage of bins placed upright and with their lids closed after collection (target >90%). Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is also used to automatically identify and track our trucks and bins in some council areas – an example of how we’re incorporating technologies to improve our business and customer service.
Education, Promotions & Marketing
  • Education and Promotion
    East Waste’s education campaign ‘Why waste it?’ has been developed to support our member councils to achieve SA Government Waste Strategy targets in waste reduction.

    The central question of Why waste it? focuses the campaign on waste avoidance and increasing resource recovery. This is encouraged through the waste hierarchy principals of; avoid, reduce, re-use, recycle and compost by highlighting these as alternative options to ‘wasting it’.

    Click here to find out more about the campaign, the ‘Which Bin‘ website and available resources.

    East Waste can assist with the delivery of Community and School education including;
    • Education/information displays
    • Presentations
    • Bin signage including residential, event and public place bins
    • Street signage including banners and signs
    • Event education, signage and bin monitoring
    • Council staff education
    • Bin materials audits and recommendations
    • School education programs – delivered through KESAB environmental solution

      If you would like to find out more about East Waste’s education program and resources, contact megan@eastwaste.com
  • Personalised Truck Advertising
    Take advantage of our trucks to advertise upcoming Council events or important dates such as Dog Registration reminders.

    East Waste is committed to maintaining the expected levels of repeatable quality in the delivery of all services, and will continue to build on the suite of services and capabilities it can offer Member Councils. We are always looking for ways to better serve our councils and their residents. East Waste is exploring the possibility of offering new or expanded services including:
    • Enhanced at-call hard waste collection
    • Enhanced street bin (litter) services
    • More efficient multi-unit dwelling waste and recycling collection services
    • Waste and recycling audit services

      Contact General Manager Rob Gregory for more information on East Waste’s expanded services or services available to non-member councils.