We provide City of Burnside residents with a:

General waste is collected weekly and alternate fortnightly pick-ups are scheduled for recycling and green organics. Check your collection calendar and map for collection dates. You can collect a copy of the 2018-2019 collection calendar from the City of Burnside’s Civic Centre and Library, 401 Greenhill Rd, Tusmore.

Your bin collection may change if it falls on a catastrophic fire danger rating day – find out more about bin collection on fire warning days.

East Waste also manages the delivery of new bins for new properties, additional bin requests and bin repair and replacement for the City of Burnside – contact us to organise this service for you. You can also contact us to take away any unwanted or excess bins as well as to report uncollected bins or enquire about collection areas and collection days.

Kerbside Collection Map
Missed bin day?

Click here to report your missed bin collection. Download the free My Local Services app to recieve bin collection reminders.

Does your bin need repairing?

Click here to fill in the online request form or call East Waste on 8347 5111.

Has your bin gone missing or been vandalised?

Click here to download and submit the form to East Waste.

Do you require a new bin service?

Click here to download and submit the form to East Waste.

Do you require an additional bin service?

Click here to download and submit the form to East Waste.
Click here to cancel an additional bin service.

Residents can lease up to two additional yellow lid bins and two additional green lid bins from Council. Fees apply for the provision of additional yellow and green bins, as well as recurring fees for service collection.

Additional red-lid bins (waste to landfill) are only provided under extenuating circumstances, and following a written request to Council, outlining any/all extenuating circumstances which you feel should be considered by Council when assessing your request.  A one-off charge for the provision of additional red-lid bins applies – these will not incur ongoing service collection fees.

Do you wish to upgrade or downgrade the size of your bins (yellow recycling and green organics only)?

Click here to download and submit the form to East Waste.

Hard waste made easy!

East Waste collect hard rubbish for City of Burnside residents and each household is entitled to one free ‘at call’ hard waste collection per financial year (up to two cubic metres, about the size of a standard trailer load). Book your hard waste collection. One additional collection can be per financial year can be made at a cost of $70.00 ($59.50 for Concession card holders)

Mattress and ensemble base collections need to be booked separately to other hard rubbish items.  Book a mattress or ensemble collecion.

Hazardous Waste

Click here for more information on disposing of hazardous materials safely and your nearest free Household Chemicals and Paint Drop-off centre.

Electronic waste recycling

Click here to locate your nearest drop-off location for electronic items i.e. anything with a battery or cord. Most electronic items are banned from landfill and should be recycled.

Kitchen Caddy & Compostable Bags

Burnside Council can also provide residents with a basket and one roll of 150 compostable liners to collect food scraps and kitchen waste. This can be put into the green-lidded food and garden organics/FOGO bin with your garden waste.  Additional kitchen organics baskets and rolls of compostable liner bags are available for purchase throughout the year at Council’s Customer Service Desk (401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore). Call Burnside Council on 8366 4200 to order a basket or liners.

The City of Burnside now diverts around 60% of household waste from landfill since it introduced its three bins and a basket kerbside service – you can see East Waste’s trucks in action and learn more about Burnside’s three bins and a basket system in this video.

In 2014, East Waste and The City of Burnside entered into a Service Level Agreement – this provides the Council and its community with clear guidelines on waste collection performance standards. We deliver an efficient and high quality service to the community and we’re proud to set high performance standards with the City of Burnside.

The City of Burnside and East Waste are committed to minimising waste to address climate change and the sustainable use of natural resources. The City of Burnside has committed to reducing waste to landfill by 35% by 2020 and a milestone of 25 per cent by 2014 (City of Burnside, 2012). East Waste and the City of Burnside are also working together to reach the goals and targets outlined within the State’s overall waste strategy.

Find out more about East Waste’s commitment to the environment and our waste management and recycling processes.