Good service delivery and customer service are a hallmark of East Waste’s services and this was reflected in the feedback from Member Councils. This is very important to the Member Councils and should be seen a high priority at all times. This includes areas such as:

  • Servicing all presented bins, and replacing >90% upright with the lids closed;
  • Ensuring any bins that tipped over are put upright;
  • Effective and positive complaint handling and timely resolution; and
  • Vehicles are clean and well presented.

To ensure a continued high level of customer service and delivery it is important to understand the needs and requirements of East Waste’s Member Councils, constituents and stakeholders. In support of this objective, in the 2014-2015 financial year, East Waste, together with an external consultant, developed and disseminated a Customer Satisfaction Survey. The results of the survey were very positive. Overall, almost 99% of community members indicated that they are either satisfied, fairly satisfied or very satisfied with collection services provided by East Waste. Indeed, the majority of respondents (54.8%) said that they are very satisfied with waste management services. The following are some highlights from the responses received: