East Waste collects waste, green organics, recyclables and hard rubbish from member councils and is committed to helping them improve their recycling and waste avoidance practices. Our services may be different across each council area, but our approach is the same – high quality, low cost waste and resource recovery services that respond to our community’s needs with minimal impact on the receiving environment.

What’s best for the environment?

Avoiding waste is the best option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demand on our natural resources. Reducing waste, reusing materials and recycling also use less energy and demand less of our natural resources than disposal. These principles of sustainable development and waste management are outlined in the waste management hierarchy. We follow these nationally and internationally recognised principles in our waste management practices. It is also the central focus of our ‘Why waste it?’ education campaign.

Our Goals

As a leader in the waste and recycling industry, we help member councils reach their environmental goals and the targets within Green Industries SA’s South Australia’s Waste Strategy 2015–2020 and South Australia’s State Strategic Plan.

East Waste is working towards a goal of diverting 70% of material from the waste stream by 2020. In 2013-14, the average diversion rate across member councils was 53.5%. The State has also set a goal to reduce disposal to landfill by 35% (from 2002-03 levels) and reduce the amount of waste generated per person by 5%.

East Waste is also becoming more efficient in its own practices to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and service councils more effectively. All of East Waste’s trucks are fitted with GPS and the optimal collection routes have been mapped to minimise travel time, fuel use and the carbon footprint of the business.

New Initiatives

We are always looking for ways to better serve our councils and their residents. East Waste is exploring the possibility of offering new or expanded services to help minimise waste, including:

  • waste and recycling audits
  • community education
  • more efficient multi-unit dwelling waste and recycling collection
  • enhanced at-call hard waste collection
  • enhanced street bin (litter) collection.
New Education Campaign

East Waste has recently developed a new campaign ‘Why waste it? Let’s sort it.’ which focuses on waste avoidance, re-use and recycling. A sweep of educational resources and a website have been developed as part of the campaign. Check them out on the whichbin.com.au website.

Tell us what you think about the new campaign for your chance to WIN a worm farm or compost bin via our short survey.

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