Our recently appointed new General Manager Rob Gregory oversees the day-to-day operations of the business and the 56 staff within our customer service, operations, work health and safety and workshop area. East Waste is governed by a Board made up of representatives from its seven member councils and overseen by an independent chairperson, Fraser Bell.

Rob Gregory

General Manager

As General Manger, Rob is responsible for leadership, governance and managing the day-to-day operations of East Waste. Business improvement and building a thriving team culture are key priorities. Rob has strong expertise in managing large workforces to deliver programs and services for the community. During a decade within Local Government, Rob developed strong expertise in oversight of waste management contracts and community education to drive change. Rob’s Local Government experience has also provided him with a thorough appreciation of the legislation and governance requirements required to successfully operate in this space. Formal studies in Environmental Management at Flinders University underpin his sector experience.

Brian Krombholz

Manager, Operational Services

As BIM-Operations Brian is responsible for the strategic leadership and management of the day to day operations of all collections including household waste, recyclables and green organic, hard waste and street litter. Brian’s role also includes bin repairs and management of the workshop to ensure the fleet of 46 vehicles are maintained to a high level and able to service all our requirements.  As a Business Improvement Manager, outside of daily operations management, Brian is heavily focussed on reviewing and enhancing  operations and systems to ensure optimum efficiencies are realised for Member Councils.

Brian has strong leadership, safety focus and people management skills which provides staff with a solid foundation within which to perform.  Brian has over twenty six years of operational and management experience within the waste industry across a number of states.  Brian couples this with a Diploma in Management, excellent interpersonal skills, effective written and verbal communication, negotiation and time management to deliver continued high quality results.