• Realtime access to GPS information for customer service staff
  • Safety,efficiency, and maintenance all improved through the use of GPS
  • Community education campaigns can be targeted
  • Improve reputation
  • Reduce costs, reduce truck movements, reduce emissions

How Does Easte Waste Use GPS?

Real time customer service

Read article in Waste Management Review: GPS Keeps Bin Collections on Track for East Waste

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification Device, or RFID tags

RFID Technology is being used at East Waste to accurately track and report on kerbside bin collections. RFID reports on presentation rates and if bins were contaminated or overfull. It also allows us to track bin movements and identify where additional bins may located

A small RFID microchip is fitted under the lip of each bin, which allows the truck to register each individual lift and log it directly against each bin, and its physical location. This was rolled out in all kerbside bins for the City of Burnside in 2012.

East Waste is now taking this a step further. In collaboration with Botek and with assistance from Green Industries SA, we are trialing the introduction of ‘bin weigh’ technology to record the weight of contents of each bin, as it is emptied.

Bin weighing is used extensively in the UK and throughout much of Europe.  Even so, getting the product ready for broader scale rollout here in Australia has required testing and field trials. It needs to work quickly, and needs to interact effectively with the other ‘smarts’ already installed in each vehicle.

For more information please contact our General Manger Rob Gregory.