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    • This form should only be used to order bins for new properties only or if no bins have been supplied to the property previously. Bins will not be delivered to new homes until two weeks prior to occupancy.

    • Kitchen Caddies are not delivered by Council or East Waste. Kitchen Caddy kits including compostable liner bags can be collected from Council’s Customer Service Desk.

    • To request bins in addition to those supplied, please use the Additional Bin Lease Application Form.

    Please supply the following bins(s) for the above property address:

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    See pdf of Bin Options

    Waste/Landfill Bin: only 1 option

    Recycle Bin: choose from 3 options

    Food and Organics Bin: choose from 2 options

    Kitchen Caddy: only 1 option

    Please note: A Kitchen Caddy kit including compostable liner bags and instructions can be collected from Council’s Customer Service Desk.

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    If you are unable to use this online form, CLICK HERE to download the PDF File.