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    Fees & Charges

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    Please note: Annual service charges may be charged on a pro-rata basis if additional bins are provided for only part of the year, with 3, 6 or 9 month increments.

    3-months – supply charge multiplied by 0.25
    6 months – supply charge multiplied by 0.5
    9 months – supply charge multiplied by 0.75

    Terms and Conditions of Lease
    • The bin(s) remains the property of City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.

    • Please note: As per the Council's Policy, only one additional bin of Organics/Green or Recycling/Yellow may be issued per residential property (or tenancies) or commercial property (or tenancies) and community and not-for-profit organisations.

      Residential Properties: One additional 140L Waste/Landfill (red lid) bin will only be provided to residential properties (or tenancies) where extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated by an Applicant and a request is submitted in writing to East Waste and approved by the Council at its absolute discretion. Extenuating circumstances include: ongoing medical needs that produce additional non-recyclable waste; six or more permanent residents living in one residential dwelling; two or more permanent residents in nappies in one residential dwelling; high levels of any other non-recyclable household waste item that cannot be reasonably disposed of through any other means.

      Commercial Properties: No additional 140L Waste/Landfill (red lid) bin will be provided to commercial properties (or tenancies), community and not-forprofit organisations as any waste to landfill requirements over and above this are deemed to be commercial in scale, where suitable waste disposal arrangements are the responsibility of the business.

    • The lessee must notify East Waste in writing should the bin(s) no longer be required, and in that case the additional bin service will be discontinued. Please arrange with East Waste to have the bin removed immediately via the Cancellation or Transfer of Additional Bins Service form.

    • The lessee must notify East Waste in writing if they move premises.

    • East Waste reserves the right to refuse the additional bin collection service if the service is not being used correctly.

    • Additional bins will not be delivered until full payment is received. No refunds will be issued for cancellation of a service. Additional bins will be removed where any applicable annual license fee remains outstanding after due date.

    • This Lease Agreement will be renewed annually for a 12 month period by way of an Annual Renewal (issued at commencement of each Financial Year).

    • Council's Policy forms part of the Lease Conditions

    • Lodgement of an application for an additional bin service and/or use of the waste service constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service and renders the applicant liable for any fees in connection with the service in the first instance.

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    Please note: A Kitchen Caddy kit including compostable liner bags and instructions can be collected from Norwood Town Hall or Council’s Libraries.

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    I , agree to the Terms and Conditions of leasing (as detailed above) and accept the charges involved. (In the case of a renter requesting bins, payment of the additional bins must be negotiated with the property owner or manager). I have read and understood Council's Policy. Tick here

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