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    Fees & Charges
    Terms and Conditions of Lease
    • The bin(s) remains the property of the City of Burnside.

    • Changeover of bin size is subject to approval and will be carried out at Council’s discretion.

    • The Council's Policy forms part of the Conditions of bin provisions. Copies of the policy are available from or from the Customer Service Desk at 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore, SA, 5065.

    • Payment in full of the applicable fees and charges prior to requested changeover of bin/s.

    Please tick no more than one of the following options per bin type:

    Recycle Bins:

    Food and Organics Bins:

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    I , agree to the Terms and Conditions of leasing (as detailed above) and accept the charges involved. (In the case of a renter requesting bins, payment of the additional bins must be negotiated with the property owner or manager). I have read and understood Council's Policy. Tick here

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