Catastrophic Fire Days

In the event of a Catastrophic Fire Danger Warning, Council’s waste collection services will be suspended across the whole of the Council area (Mt Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District). This includes the collection of domestic waste (blue lid bin), green organics bin (green lid) and the recyclables bin (yellow lid).

Residents should leave their bins out until collected as services will be re-scheduled as soon as appropriate.

If there are a number of Catastrophic Fire Danger rating days forecast, East Waste will assess the risk to its employees and program waste collection to minimise that risk so that residents have the least possible disruption to their services. So please assist East Waste by leaving your bins on the kerb until they are collected.

Extreme Fire Risk Days

The full waste collection service will continue to operate as normal across the whole Council area on days of Extreme Fire Risk.

For further information on Fire Warnings, please go to the CFS website or Adelaide Hills Council website.