Happy Birthday to us all!

Founded on 19 July 1928 and originally comprising of the Corporations of Kensington & Norwood and St. Peters and the District Councils of Burnside, Payneham and Walkerville, East Waste was originally known as the East Torrens Municipal Destructor Trust.  In 1993 our name changed to Eastern Waste Management Authority or East Waste.

East Waste is now a regional subsidiary of seven Member Councils, the Adelaide Hills Council, City of Burnside, Campbelltown City Council, City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, City of Mitcham, the Corporation of the Town of Walkerville and the City of Prospect.

We look forward to continuing to provide a safe, high quality, low cost, waste and resource recovery collection service that responds to our community’s needs, while using innovation and technology to drive efficiencies, reduce cost, and have a minimal impact on the receiving environment.

Thanks to our staff and Member Councils for your support and diligent work to enable East Waste to continue to be a success and together lets lay solid foundations for the next 90 years.

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